Only if we know whether you want an instant loan without Credit Bureau, we can make you an individual offer. We provide mini loans without Credit Bureau from Switzerland Swiss loans are loans from banks based in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. Microcredit (Microcredit / Microcredit) is a loan of a few Swiss francs to private individuals (possibly the loan without Credit Bureau: where does it come from, what are the pros and cons and who are the serious providers of such loans?) Creation-free credit microloans lure with fast money and easy terms A loan for Mini Cooper S without Credit Bureau despite poor credit rating or negative Credit Bureau record For the application for a loan without additional collateral, the applicant must be of legal age.

Free Credit Bureau balance

Free Credit Bureau balance

If you as a consumer and consumer want a loan from a German house bank, this only works if you have three or more requirements. The first feature is the need to be creditworthy in general, which is the trap when reaching the age of majority.

A second feature is that you have sufficient personal and business credit to get the loan. The audit is conducted by credit institutions almost without exception by obtaining Credit Bureau information. In the case of negative features such as an enforcement title or a reminder in the Credit Bureau documents, however, it is nearly 100 percent the case in Germany that such an applicant does not receive a loan from a German house bank.

In general, one can say that it is almost impossible to apply for a loan from a major bank based in Germany if you have negative notes in the credit register. Of course, there are in the savings banks in addition to the overdraft loans and other forms of credit, such as installment loan. However, there is now also the opportunity for customers to apply for a loan, which has just mentioned the negative features in the Credit Bureau.

In this context, there is also talk of a loan without Credit Bureau granted by foreign banks. Because many of these credit institutions are headquartered in Switzerland, the concept of Swiss credit has become established in daily use. This Swiss loan is thus in the sense of a loan without Credit Bureau, since the lender does not receive Credit Bureau information, as is usually the case with German credit institutions.

Loan without credit bureau

Loan without credit bureau

Any negative entries in the Credit Bureau are therefore irrelevant for the foreign bank, as it does not even perceive them. For many buyers, the contract without Credit Bureau offers the last possible chance to even get a contract in order to carry out the necessary financing measures.

To summarize, for some consumers, the lending without Credit Bureau is a way for some consumers to get a new one. Apart from the fundamental advantage of not being able to obtain a credit at all, Swiss credit still has some special features that can often be regarded as a disadvantage.

A peculiarity is, for example, that the loan loan without Credit Bureau in practice is usually a bit more expensive than normal rate loans German banks. This is partly due to the interest on the loans, but also on the fact that such a loan is often to get only via credit brokers on the net and that they raise an agency fee.

In addition, in practice, a debt-free lending business typically has a limited loan amount that is barely above $ 5,000. This amount must then be repaid to the lender within a relatively short period of time. Even if reference is made to the Credit Bureau information, the borrower must still be able to show a running result for this type of loan.

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